Dormair is the largest continent in all of Tyria. It’s primary exports are metals and other raw materials used by the Factorum of Mahzoon. The Tech Mages have set up small remote operations to oversee the mining at Dormair’s largest mines. Dormair’s southern expanse is plagued by corruption from the Dormair War, thus agriculture is difficult to cultivate and Dormair relies heavily on trading to survive. If Dormair’s mining operations fell into disarray then so too would their ability to acquire food.

Locations of Intrest
North Dormair
-The capital of Dormair and resting place of it’s king, castle and largest mining operation. North Dormair, commonly referred to as Dormair city house a very diverse crew of residence. The Guild of Seers and the Church of Pelor hold a really strong presence over North Dormair. The city has a council that makes all but the most important decisions for the king, and this council consists of a representative from the Guild of Seers, the Church of Pelor, the local Factorum operations, the town gaurd, miner’s labor guild and the king’s personal adviser. North Dormair also plays host to many underground fight clubs, and on occasion an official tournament may be held. Often times the winners are praise very highly by the towns people who’s only for of entertainment may be the occasional tournament. These events tend to drag in the Dark Hand Thieves as there is usually a buck to be made illegally during times of high traffic.

Grey Wastes
-The southern land of Dormair which is largely uninhabitable. Often times strange aberrations cross over from these cursed lands and plague the people of the northern regions.

Ridge Gate
-A small town, just north east of North Dormair. It sits in the path of a few abandoned mines, most are thought to be caved in. A few years back Ridge Gate was stricken with low fertility rates and often times children there are adopted.
History of Dormair
1000 Years ago
-A civil war between the north and the south broke out when poor farmers and ranchers were tired of the high taxes and unfair treatment. The north had an unstoppable hero, his name was Redgard and he claimed to wield a sword that fell straight from the tear. Leaders in the south, desperate to stop Redgards bloody march, opened a gateway to the realm of dreams and made a pact with the Psycho Fiend Nightmare. At this point the war came to a standstill, the casualties were high. Redgard could not press forward, for every time he tried he lost to many of his men. Yet the southerners with their new found demonic powers could not defeat Redgard. Then one night, Redgard and his sword suddenly disappeared. The south then tried to call off it’s contract with the Psycho Fiends, but instead were destroyed by their demon allies leaving the land forever cursed.


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